Anonymous ASKED:
Nice to see you "stand by your opinions". If that's true why did you delete the post you made?

This is the last anon regarding this situation that I’m responding to. The rest in my inbox and any that come in from here on out will be immediately deleted. If you want to discuss the issue with me, then don’t be a fucking coward and hide behind anonymity.

A smart person advised me that this was going to be a never ending cycle of hate and suggested to everyone involved that they delete their posts, other wise it would just keep popping up over and over and over. And she was right. Look at the VA tag right now. The incident happened almost a full day ago, and yet someone just posted a new post about the issue.

I spoke with the person who made the initial post—she seems to be a very sweet person—and it was all a misunderstanding. I reacted to a hate anon I got at the same time that was worded in a similar way, taking it out—so to speak—on her. Then someone else got involved and someone else and someone else and now the VA tag is full of hate… and it is ridiculous.

We both deleted our posts in the interest of harmony. I also sent messages to several people I knew asking them to do the same.

Does this mean I have changed my opinion? No. It means that I am tired of seeing the tag filled with anti CH posts.

I’m well aware he didn’t get the role—but he is still how I see Dimitri. That’s my choice. Just like it’s some peoples choice to see Taylor or Ben or Danila or whoever. I’m not going to change my mind just because the role has been cast. I don’t expect other people to change their minds. You like who you like, great. I like who I like. 

I am actually going to be deleting more posts, not because I don’t stand by my opinions, but because the amount of hate being slung about is ridiculous.

It is better to unfollow/block/blacklist someone than to send anon hate. If you aren’t brave enough to make the post openly, then grow the fuck up and get a new hobby.

If you like DK, more power to you. I don’t. Period.

If you can’t accept that, get the fuck off my blog. I have rping to do and am way to old for this childish drama.



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